D​​iligently Screaming :
A Mage Within

   By -A.G.Inmon-  

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Author Of -Fantasy Fiction & Action Adventure Books-

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My Favorite Quotes:

“You had your chance to leave villain, yet you chose to stay… now there is nowhere you can go miscreant, where I can't find you”.
“I will follow you until our quest is complete or death takes me, My Lord.” 
Character Information:
Kingdom of Tarithiel

Aurora Splender
     The Elven princess to the kingdom of Tarethiel. She is a true She is a true master of the sword, and shows a high apptifude for mage-craft allowing her to cast devistating spells at will.
Luminous Necromantic
​Luminous' Dream
  1. Cliffs
  A social out-cast that is considered to be a half-bread by both humans and elves alike. He possesses a virtues like that of no other, which wills him a seemingly untapped potential for mage-craft. However, he struggles to control his human emotions while maintaining his elven dignity.


             Elven hierarchy that reports directly to the king, and has been charged with overseeing Elven affairs. He is knowledgeable in the affairs of all the races and is part of the Royal Council for King Ilthuryn, which makes him a valued member of the fellowship. Though, he is proficient in some low-class spell casting, he prefers the feel of his blade and routinely uses melee combat as his preferred fighting style.  
       An elven foot soldier that is proficient in both mage-craft and long-range combat. She is capable of channeling magic into her attacks, and is considered to be a true master of her profession. Choosing to focus all of her time and energy into the advancement of her skills, she has become an expert shot that is not only known for never missing a target, but she is also someone that even the elves have come to fear.  

Glanduil Hollfire


      General of the Orc Army and second in command to Militant. He is viewed as an extremely powerful opponent who has no trouble conjuring beasts, or using spells. He is also unparalleled in his ability to fight with a sword, and is praised for being an expert in both strategy and warfare. Most consider him to be the most vile of all humans, and is known for single handedly destroying entire cities and its people. 

      A foot soldier and member of the Royal court who hold the ear of the king. He has had extensive training in the political arena, and is a valued member of the elven society. He has been trained in both mage-craft and in the ways of the sword. Though he has an eye for detail, he lacks the heart of a true warrior, and has come to rely on others.

The Legacy Stone

King Ilthuryn
      He is the soul sovereign of Tarithiel and father of Aurora. He stops at nothing to ensure the protection of his kin and the survival of his people. Viewed as a Noble and Earnest ruler, he believes that the Elves are destined to one day wield an untold power. For this reason, he holds the extreme belief that all Elves should keep to themselves and rarely go beyond the domain of his kingdom.​​

The Harbinger Of Destruction